Our favorite fascist may have missed his rendezvous with destiny and instead stumbled out the buffoon’s exit from the nation’s political stage.  Yes, Lumpen von Trump managed in one day to spook men, women and those in between, far and wide.  First, he told MSNBC’s Chris Mathews (what he has told others) that nuclear weapons were still “on the table as an option” should he be handling the Middle East or Europe as president.  He also welcomed admitting Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia into the Nuclear Club so they could defend themselves with nuclear weapons.  These radical utterances rattled the world’s sane and sober diplomats who have been trying to force the genie back into the bottle since we let it out in 1945.  Much sleep will be lost in the world’s capitals.

In his second attention-getting announcement, von Trump declared that women who get abortions should be punished, though he was unclear what the punishment should be.  Later, after getting blowback from near everywhere, he backtracked into a fogbank, where it is not clear where he settled, except that the states should decide if abortion is a crime, and doctors should be prosecuted for the crime because women are “victims.”  (Thanks, Dad.) 

In any case, his poll number lead in the important upcoming Wisconsin Primary is suddenly slip, slip slippin’ away, according to Marquette University.  In February it was Trump 30, Cruz 19 and Kasich 8; now it’s Cruz 40, Trump 30, and Kasich 21.  Look out below!

Has The Donald finally gone too far even for a proven Carney barker showmen selling gold bricks to restive dull-normals?    

We’ll soon know.   In the meantime, I’m going to take a break from Clash of the Clowns and watch me some healing baseball.