Picks to Click

I’m back!  Back with the dope I promised you. Yep, the octogenarian student of the divine game offers his select audience his prized picks to click in the 2016 baseball season.  

True, I’m starting to get static about calling it a divine game.  Nix on the sales campaign is the feedback.  Let me just say that I welcome back the Boys of Summers for another spectacle of chess and ballet performed on a stage of green grass.

Without further ado the final standings for 2016 are:


NATIONAL LEAGUE                  

WEST                            CENTRAL                      EAST

San Francisco                                    Chicago                                               Washington

**Arizona                                            St. Louis                                              *N.Y. Mets

L.A. Dodgers                                      Pittsburgh                                           Miami

Colorado                                             Cincinnati                                           Philadelphia

San Diego                                            Milwaukee                                          Atlanta


AMERICAN LEAGUE                 

WEST                            CENTRAL                      EAST

Texas                                                Kansas City                                             Boston

**Houston                                        *Cleveland                                              Toronto

L.A. Angels                                       Detroit                                                     N.Y. Yankees

Seattle                                               Minnesota                                               Baltimore

Oakland                                            Chicago                                                   Tampa Bay


*Denotes First Wild Card Team

** Denotes Second Wild Card Team


You can take it to the bank.  Or to Las Vegas, if you’re so inclined.   Now you’ll no doubt want to know who among these powerhouses of the enchanted diamond will meet in the World Series?  And who will be crowned World Champion?  Prepare yourself for a shocker.  The Chicago Cubs will face the Cleveland Indians in the World Series!  And the winner is?  I can’t help you there.  How do you pick a winner between two habitual losers?  Flip a coin.

Oh, didn’t I tell you?  End Times have arrived. Make plans accordingly.

By the way, these selections are guaranteed.  If they all do not finish in the order predicted, I will provide you picks for next year free of charge!   (Provided there is a next year, of course.)

Be sure to reserve the largest U-Haul truck available when you arrive in Vegas to collect your winnings.  You’re welcome.