Here’s a course correction to securing your financial fortune this year!

As you know from last year, I’m your ultimate source for wagering advice in the world of baseball.  And you lucky believers in my powers who played my picks laughed all the way to the bank with your take from those hapless Vegas bookies.  Yes, I told you in April of last year the Cubs and Indians would meet in the World Series.  Many of you laughed out loud, I’ve been reliably informed.  I assume you’ve been kicking yourselves in the tail ever since.  

For those who missed out, I gave you a second shot this spring with my selections to win for the 2017 season.  They were:

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 11.14.35 AM.png

The bold face of teams above indicates the division leaders (and the qualifying wildcard teams) as of September 2, about a month away from the final standings.  Selecting seven out of the top eight playoff-bound teams ain’t bad, don’t you agree?  This year I also tabbed Washington and Chicago in the National League championship series, with the Nationals emerging the winner.

In the American League Houston and Cleveland would reach the finals, with the Tribe to triumph.  As for the World Series, I picked Washington over Cleveland in six.

Alert!  A last minute course correction!  There’s been an Indian uprising!  It’s now Cleveland over the Dodgers in the World Series!  Yes, the Dodgers may have a team that compares favorably to the great 1927 Yankees, but they have been slipping lately, while the Tribe is, as we say in the Clubhouse, en fuego.

If you haven’t yet made your bet, you’re in luck with the update.  If you have already wagered on my April choices, place another on the revised picks for the World Series as a hedge that should bring an ever bigger payoff.

Still skeptical?  How could I possibly tab jerkburg Cleveland over Newman-loved LA?  Besides the aforementioned momentum shift, Cleveland has the best pitching and the deepest pitching (starters and relievers), and we all know that pitching is the name of the game.  We also know that the American League has a slight edge in overall quality.

So what are you waiting for?  Reserve that Brinks truck now; hire that NRA brother-in-law of yours to ride shotgun; and head for Vegas in October to pick up your swag.

I modestly acknowledge your applause.  No, no charge, though gratuities are accepted.  If all goes well, I’m thinking of changing professions and investing in a pack of Tarot cards.